Monday, March 14, 2011

Wii Demo Roundup - 03/14/11

A new week means a new demo in Wii Ware land. This week, it's time to make some music in the Mix Superstar demo.

Mix Superstar
Rated E for Everyone, 1 player/arranger, Wii remote only, $5.00

In 5 words: needs mouse and keyboard, music

This week's Wii Ware demo is a blast from the past for me. I used to make music using Sonic Foundry's ACID tools (now owned by Sony) and Mix Superstar is very similar, but for the Wii. The concept is that you take pre-made royalty-free sound loops and arrange and modify them to make your own music. The demo has a nice variety of loops for you to use, and also includes a couple of songs built in. The demo is limited to 10 minutes, effectively circumventing the analog hole.

Using a keyboard and mouse to arrange music using ACID is somewhat difficult. Using the Wii remote to lay down audio tracks is worse. This type of software really needs a mouse and keyboard just to make things bearable. Still, at only $5.00, Mix Superstar is fairly impressive (most loop-based software is much more expensive than that). You can even expand your loop library through the Loop Shop and share your mixes online at If you've never tried loop-based music software, you can start here with the demo, I guess, but I would recommend ACID Xpress for Windows instead. I can hardly recommend Mix Superstar, primarily due to the cumbersome controls and Wii Ware's horrible DRM.

Fancy yourself a mix superstar? Share your music in the comments! Here's a song I made a few years back...

--Demo Gamer

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