Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wii Demo Roundup - 03/07/11

Saddle up, it's time for this week's Wii Demo Roundup! Nintendo keeps it simple (and cheap) this week: a single demo called "Soccer Bashi" that previews a $5.00 game.

Soccer Bashi
Rated E for Everyone, 1-2 Players, Wii Remote only, $5.00

Courtesy icongames.com
In 5 words: fun, simple, arcade-y, lasers!, inexpensive

Look at that screencap. Yep, this week we have a soccer-themed "Breakout". Nintendo keeps the hits coming with its Wii Ware demos (not). Seriously, Nintendo should get around to allowing any and all devs put a demo on Wii Ware already. But I digress. So, "Soccer Bashi" has multiplayer, paddle upgrades and downgrades (the laser is the best), the ability to finish a level by scoring a "goal", boss levels, and even a level designer. All for only $5.00. The demo takes you through the first 9 of 90 levels.

Is it fun? Sure. Is it something I want to spend more time with? Not at all. There's not a lot of meat to this game, although I'm sure my son will enjoy it and we can play the demo together. The idea of a level editor is cool and adds some depth to the game, but...it's just Arkanoid-meets-foosball. Still, go get the demo. It is free fun, after all.

That's it for this week. Please remember: the demos don't stick around forever on the Wii Shop channel, so get them now before they're gone, and if you decide to purchase a game, remember that it can only be played on your Wii console and cannot be transferred.

Any big "Breakout"/"Arkanoid" fans out there? Give the demo a whirl and sound off in the comments!

--Demo Gamer

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