Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wii Demo Roundup - 03/21/11

Monday means more free fun in Wii Ware land. This week, go to an alien world in search of fortune and fame in Dive: the Medes Islands Secret.

Dive: the Medes Islands Secret
Rated E for Everyone, 1 Player, Wii Remote only, $10.00 full game price

Courtesy cosmonautgames.com
In 5 words: stunning, deep, disorienting, mysterious, tranquil

Dive: the Medes Islands Secret is an immersive 2D adventure game set in a world that is alien to most humans: the ocean. The first thing you might notice upon playing the demo is just how good the graphics look, especially for a Wii title. The animations and ambiance provide a wonderful setting for this type of game. The Dive demo allows you to explore the first level of 10 offered in the full game where you encounter jellyfish, anemones, and other forms of sea life in your search for treasure. The controls are pretty easy to get the hang of and the gameplay starts out simple, but the deeper you go, the darker and more difficult your quest becomes.

Dive is interesting in that while you have a spear gun, your ammunition is so limited that I can't consider Dive a shooter. In addition, you cannot fully explore each level without upgrading your gear at the dive shop. This gives players the opportunity to play each level multiple times and should make the full game fairly interesting. In addition to the upgrade shop, Dive also has a list of achievements to help divers find direction in the deep.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well, you'll have to download and play the demo for yourself. I was not sold. The graphics are gorgeous, but the gameplay is too generic for me. If you enjoy it, I'm sure $10 for 10 levels of Dive is well worth it, however.

Well, Nintendo actually released a decent demo this week. I hope they can keep it up. Come on back next week for another edition of the Wii Demo Roundup!

--Demo Gamer

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