Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heads Up: Wii Ware Games Non-Transferable


Hey there, I know I've been inviting you to buy Wii Ware titles, but I just discovered something last night that has got me bothered: you can only play a Wii Ware title on the Wii to which it was downloaded. In other words,  you cannot copy a Wii Ware title to an SD card and play it on your friend's Wii. Same for Virtual Console. Even worse, it appears as though Nintendo is hesitant to replace these games in case of hardware malfunction or upgrade.

I have reached out to some developers and Nintendo to get some more information, so watch here for a more detailed write up. In the meantime, please remember this important information before you download anything from the Wii Shop Channel.

Anyone had an experience with Nintendo regarding this issue? Sound of in the comments!

--Demo Gamer

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