Saturday, February 12, 2011

DEMO: Guardians of Graxia (Windows/Steam)

Guardians of Graxia for Windows/Steam

Genre: Turn-based Card Strategy
Full Game Price: $10.00
No. of Players: 1

In 5 words: Complex, Fun, Fantasy, Magic, Deep

Steam is an awesome service. If you've used it, you know this. If you haven't, and you play on Windows or Mac, you should get to know it. They have an entire section of their store dedicated to demos, with hundreds available. "Guardians of Graxia" is one of the latest demos released on Steam, and it is fun!

I am a strategy game nut. I absolutely love them: turn-based, real-time, whatever. It was for this reason that I decided to download the "Guardians of Graxia" demo, which is short and to the point (I played through it in about 10 minutes). It introduces you to a small map consisting of offset square tiles and walks you through a quick battle. The gameplay is "Magical", or in other words, if you've ever played Magic: the Gathering, you'll be right at home here. Most everything is card-based and it feels like playing a tabletop game (there's even a tabletop version of the game available)...a tabletop game with a fun, epic soundtrack, nifty animations, and the added benefit of the computer doing all the math for you.

I gave up Magic: the Gathering when I was a teenager, but I had some fun playing it. "Guardians of Graxia" looks to recapture and expand upon that fun. I can only imagine how elaborately entertaining this game can be, seeing as how the demo is so short. The full game is only $10.00, although there is a variety of expansion material that costs extra. You can find the full breakdown here.

Did the demo sell me? At first, yes, I was interested, but I could have used a little more meat, perhaps another battle or two. Still, the demo should give you an idea if this is the game for you or not. For me, "Guardians of Graxia" currently sits at the top of my Steam "strategy-to-buy" list, but the priority of said purchase is not high.

Demo Gamer Stats:
Age range: 10 and up
Demo length: 10-15 minutes
Demo worth playing? If you like fantasy, strategy, and card games
Full game worth buying? I can't really say, but at this price point, there is certainly promise.

Have you played "Guardians of Graxia" yet? Look like something you could get into? Sound of in the comments!

--Demo Gamer

(System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7; 2 GHz Pentium 4; 512MB RAM (1GB for Vista/7); 256MB Graphics Memory w/ Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0c; 600MB hard drive space)

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