Thursday, January 20, 2011

DEMO: Fluidity (Wii Ware)

Fluidity for Nintendo Wii (Free Demo on Wii Shop Channel)

Genre: Puzzler/Platformer
Full Game Price: $12.00
No. of Players: 1
Required Controllers: Wii Remote

In 5 Words: Whimsical, Innovative, Fun, Challenging, and Gratifying

One of the first Wii Ware demos I ever downloaded was Jett Rocket. My son loved to play and watch me play that demo. I say "loved" because his new favorite demo is "that water game", also known as Fluidity. Interesting thing is, where I quickly tired of Jett Rocket, I have played through the Fluidity demo four times now and it has not gotten old.

Fluidity is a game that is simple in concept and wonderfully fun in execution. You play as water trying to erase evil ink that has infected a book. Using the Wii's motion controls, you tilt the remote from side to side to slosh your water around inside the book's pages which are divided into cells, almost like a comic book. If you have ever tried to control free-standing water in the real world, you might think this would be difficult. It is at first, but after a few minutes, you should get a good idea of how to control your puddle. Having done so, you're off to find the magic rainbow drops that will restore the pages of your book.

Fluidity's demo features a wonderful blend of technological and natural interaction as you funnel your water into pumps, over ramps and jumps, carry floating mechanical components, and even return a lost fish to its bowl. The art and music are highly positive and even soothing. I want to say "zen" because this game makes me feel content. I guess that's why I keep coming back to the demo. It's not all fish and fun, however. There are many threats to your water supply, everything from pools of acid to goop slugs. In a final teaser once you finish the demo, your water even changes states! In the full game, you get to play as ice and a storm cloud. I'm itching to see what that's like.

With the full game only costing $12.00, Fluidity is at the top of my software-to-purchase list. I'm not sure how many hours of play it will provide, but at that price, even an hour of peaceful, happy water handling is worth it. 

Demo Gamer's Stats:
Age Range: 5-95
Demo length: 15-30 minutes
Demo worth playing? You bet!
Full game worth buying? You bet!

Have you played Fluidity yet? What do you think of the game? Sound off in the comments!

--Demo Gamer

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